Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment Toolkit: 5 Helpful Resources

Clinical trial patient recruitment can be challenging – not to mention expensive. That's why it's helpful to have tools on hand to make it easier to reach the right patients. This toolkit keeps the patient at the center of your recruitment plans, whether you're researching the condition for your trial, choosing outreach methods, or developing outreach materials. You'll find guidance on design, copywriting, and ad targeting, all specific to clinical trial recruitment.

If you need more help, we've also included a resource for connecting with patient recruitment companies, including information on their services and how to get in touch.

Advertising clinical trials e-book: In this detailed e-book, you'll find detailed guidance and best practices on using seven different advertising outreach channels for clinical trial recruitment, plus additional examples and guidance on patient research and design.

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Clinical trial patient recruitment plan template: Organize your research, targeting ideas, testing, and more in a template to get your thoughts aligned, and save time in the long run. This template will also help you get started if you haven't put together a recruitment plan before, while being helpful for seasoned pros, too.

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FDA and social media guidelines: Your clinical trial recruitment outreach materials have to strike a sometimes-challenging balance between being engaging and adhering to FDA guidelines. Plus, platforms like Facebook have their own restrictions around how advertisers can talk to patients. We describe the guidelines for both and share examples of materials that follow the rules, and some that don't.

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Design tips for clinical trial advertising: In addition to creating ad copy that connects with patients, it's important to provide visuals that communicate something important about your trial. Antidote's senior designer shared advice on how to choose the right images, branding, and more to strike the right tone with your patient population.

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15 clinical trial patient recruitment companies: If your research site has tapped out its own database of patient contacts and you don't have the staff to run clinical trial advertising on your own, you may want to consider enlisting the help of a patient recruitment company. Some companies will run advertising campaigns on behalf of your trial, while others offer access to a patient database. Consider the needs of your particular trial, and consider talking with a few different companies to find the right fit. If your site is recruiting for multiple trials, a company that offers access to a patient database may be best.

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Looking for more support? Download our case studies to learn how we connect patients with research through our network of 270+ health nonprofits and patient advocates. Chances are, we have a solution that's the right fit for your trial.